Who We Are

Led by husband and wife team Gianni and Danielle Fracchia – renowned for their unwavering integrity and professionalism, Fracchia & Co. was founded in 2010 to cater to the unique demands of select individuals facing sensitive challenges.

Regarded as the preeminent coaching, consulting and counselling firm, we service clients locally from our offices in Sydney, Australia, and throughout the world. We dedicate ourselves to helping our clients identify, isolate and overcome their most pressing challenges



Danielle Fracchia is Co-Founder of Fracchia & Co. and the author of Putting Yourself Before Your Successor: How to Prepare Yourself for a Successful Family Business Transition . Known for her holistic and objective approach, she draws on her diverse experience to deliver pragmatic perspectives and solutions to overcome the unique challenges confronting her clients.

Danielle takes an unwavering yet practical approach to satisfy her voracious appetite for personal and professional growth and development, and believes success and diligence are inseparable. Danielle appreciates that, unlike other resources, time is finite and sacred. As a result, she invests immense energy into everything she does, in particular, her professional relationships with clients and practitioners, and her personal relationships with family, friends, and her husband, Gianni.



Gianni Fracchia is Co-Founder of Fracchia & Co., Founder of ANF Innovations, and the author of Leading in Uncertain Times: How to Restore Trust and Confidence in Global Leadership . Known for his bold and thought-provoking approach, he draws on his diverse experience across a plethora of markets, geographies and industries to deliver pragmatic solutions that elegantly balance theory and practice.

Investing heavily in personal and professional development, Gianni resonates with those who speak and act decisively, achieve what they set out to do, and demand excellence, without exception. He consumes as much information as possible to satisfy his thirst for knowledge. His intrinsic curiosity leads him to ask direct questions, often challenging the status quo. His style and line of questioning enable his clients, and himself, to uncover the root causes of their challenges.

Danielle and Gianni have co-authored the following publications:

  • Strategic Placement, Strategic Profits: The Cumulative Impact of Tip-Toe Gambling (2018) ISBN: 978-0648012474
  • The Perception of Democracy: The Imperative of Discretionary Transparent Voting (2018) ISBN: 978-06480124290
  • Red Meat: The Bioactive Superfood (2016) ISBN: 978-0648012436