Coronavirus (COVID-19) Counselling & Advice

Whatever your COVID-19 concern or challenge may be, rest assured that we will guide you and support you through these turbulent times.

As COVID-19 – declared a pandemic by the World Health Organisation (WHO), spreads rapidly throughout the globe, we provide coronavirus counselling and advice for individuals experiencing heightened stress and anxiety, and organisations experiencing losses in morale, engagement and productivity.

For individuals, we provide telephone and in-person coronavirus counselling. Here is a selection of past and present counselling provided:

  • Managing stress, anxiety and uncertainty
  • Understanding potential career impacts
  • Safeguarding employment
  • Identifying and taking advantage of career opportunities
  • Acclimating to new working practices and conditions

For organisations, we provide telephone and in-person coronavirus-specific business advice. Here is a selection of past and present business advice provided:

  • Formulating and executing working from home policies and procedures
  • Developing communication and change management plans and strategies
  • Addressing staff anxiety and uncertainty
  • Increasing staff engagement, morale and productivity
  • Developing coronavirus-specific contingency plans

In-person (Sydney or at a mutually-agreed location) or tele/remote, we can provide you with the expert COVID-19 counselling, guidance and support you need to navigate these uncertain times and minimise the impacts of the coronavirus.

For bookings and enquiries, please visit our contact page or phone us on +61 2 8317 5000.