Our Engagements

Depending on your privacy, discretion and schedule demands, our engagements are either: 1) Onsite at our premises in Edgecliff, NSW, Australia; or 2) Remote via telephone.

With respect to your challenges and other factors influencing your decision, we empower and encourage you to determine the format (onsite or remote) of our initial session. Additional consultations (if required) will be mutually agreed upon.

Of importance is that you understand the following: in our objective and non-judgmental approach, we ask “real” questions that challenge conventional wisdom and commonly held views. Our facilitative approach gets to the core of your challenges so we can identify, isolate and overcome whatever is standing in your way.

Where other service providers cringe, cry and crawl away, we stand with, and by you, through thick and thin, no matter the degree or severity of the challenges you confront.

If what you have read resonates, we encourage you to schedule a session with us so that we can help you get from A to B today!

Note: 87% of our clients choose a remote engagement for their initial session, and 62% of our clients’ challenges are resolved in a single session. Often, a “rational voice of reason” is all that is required to solve your challenges.